T.Y Consulting


Statutory audit is performed in the
following forms:

♦ Statutory audit;

♦ Contributions audit;

♦ Transformation audit;

♦ Limited review mission

♦ Audit merger & Due Diligence;

The operational audit concerns the key processes of your company (purchase, sale, stock, fixed assets…). This audit covers the reviews of the internal procedures implemented by your company to ensure their efficiency, and their active contribution to the achievement of the strategy and objectives that you have set.

External growth, through the acquisition of target companies, is a way to create value. However, the lack of support in such operations can present a risk of value

In this context, our firm proposes due
diligence missions in order to reduce the risk of value destruction and to promote the success of the acquisition project.

Through the experience acquired in the audit of international organizations, T.Y Consulting offers its expertise in auditing to national and international organizations.

The recourse to auditing has a number of advantages that can be summarized in 3 points: 

♦ Giving a transparency image;

♦ Identify and remedy the organization’s

♦ Solicit new funding sources.

The contractual audit, contrary to the legal audit, does not result from a regulatory obligation, but from the initiative of the company’s head, anxious to have a diagnosis on a particular aspect.

The recourse to the audit is declined in several aspects:

♦  A financial audit focusing on the accounts of your company;

♦  A targeted audit concerning a particular accounting item;

♦  A tax audit to ensure your company’s compliance with tax rules;

♦ A social audit to ensure your company’s compliance with labor legislation.