T.Y Consulting


We offer you our consulting services for the creation of companies. We expose you to the possibilities which are offered to you and guide you towards the solution most adapted to your needs.
We also propose to assist you during the whole process of creation of your company.

Thanks to a partnership made with a firm specialized in IT and another in organization, T.Y Consulting proposes to assist you in the implementation of a strategy for your company.

We have already accompanied Moroccan companies in this process.

The business plan is a reference document to judge the technical, commercial and financial feasibility of your investment project.

Aware of the importance of the business plan, we put our expertise to help you develop a reliable, concise and realistic business plan. 

Analytical accounting is key management. It allows you to analyze, follow and manage your business.

We propose to assist you in setting up a cost accounting system that will allow you to track your costs and profitability in a relevant way.

We also propose the setting up of management tools and indicators, which will allow you to manage your activity.

These indicators will be grouped in dashboards, which will allow you to have functional and adapted tools to your company.

The financial analysis consists in studying the accounting and financial information  related to your company, which leads to a diagnosis of the financial performance of your company.

This financial diagnosis will be based on two fundamental aspects:
♦ The analysis of your company’s
♦ Knowing the weaknesses of the
organization and fixing them.

At the end of this diagnosis, we propose improvement axes to enhance the financial situation of your company and find the financial balance. 

T.Y consulting offers its services in
reviewing your IT environment.
Our contribution is as follows:

♦ To carry a limited review of the IT environment;

♦ To ensure that the essential dispositions have been implemented in terms of general IT control;

♦ Perform an evaluation of application controls;

♦ Analyze your business software requirements.

T.Y Consulting offers its expertise in the field of Public Private Partnership contracts to both the concessionaire and the grantor.
Indeed, the founder of TYC has already handled the issue during his experience within Ernst & Young and has also devoted his accounting thesis to this topic. The firm’s contribution can be summarized
as follows:

♦ Upstream support in reviewing the
concession contract and the associated business plan;

♦ Assistance during the concession for the implementation of an accounting organization allowing the concession project monitoring;

♦ Assistance to the delegating authority in monitoring the performance of the concession contract.

We put our expertise at your disposal and offer you our advice on tax and legal matters.
We are ready to answer your questions and queries in order to help you make the right decision for your company