T.Y Consulting


We offer, for companies wishing to outsource their accounting service, a complete accounting service.

To do this, we have invested in a reference accounting software to ensure a quality service and security of your data.

Our service covers the following aspects:

♦ Accounting;

♦ Preparation of the tax return;

♦ Establishment of tax and social declarations;

♦ Legal secretariat: drafting of the Minutes of Directors or the management,

♦ Minutes of assembly, management report…

T.Y Consulting offers you a complete management of your company’s payroll.
Our service includes the following aspects:

♦ Monthly payroll processing

♦ Tax and social declarations

♦ Reporting

♦ Consulting and assistance.

Through this service, T.Y Consulting allows you to achieve the following objectives:
♦ Mobilizing your resources on HR issues
♦ Ensuring expertise and optimal payroll management
♦ Optimizing the cost of payroll management

The transition to IFRS is a way to promote financial transparency and the global comparability of the accounts. It is a lever for the development of new partnerships on a global scale.

Through the experience we have acquired in this field, we are ready to assist you in this aspect and to make your transition to this international standard successful.

Some companies have their own accounting department. For these companies, we offer an accounting supervision service. This service consists of periodically reviewing your accounts to ensure that they comply with the applicable laws. This service also includes the review of the tax return before its submission to the tax authorities.

We also provide expertise in the following

♦ Analysis of VAT accounts; Organization and realization of Physical inventories of fixed assets and stocks;

♦ Assistance in the acquisition of management software.

Consolidation is an accounting technique that allows a financial situation for a group of companies. It is a way for a parent company to have a global visibility on the profitability of all its affiliates.

We offer an accompaniment in the process of consolidating the accounts of the companies in your group, regardless of the accounting standards used:

♦ The Moroccan standards of the National Accounting Council;

♦ The International IFRS standards.