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The electronic bookkeeping: The new requirements!

On 14 June 2023, the National Accounting Board (Conseil National de la Comptabilité) issued its opinion on the criteria to be complied by all bookkeeping software. We recall that the CNC issued this notice at the request of the Directorate General of Taxes (DGI).

Firstly, the notice sets out the rules for the regular bookkeeping of accounts in accordance with the requirements of the CGNC.
These guidelines are as follows:
♦  Exhaustiveness of records;
♦  Irreversibility of records;
♦  Audit and control procedures;
♦  Guarantee and control of the fundamental balances of double-entry bookkeeping;
♦  Protection of accounting data;
♦  Transparency of the statements ;
♦  Secure access and traceability of records;
♦  Secure archiving and back-up;
♦  Documentation.

Secondly, the CNC states in its notice that any electronic accounting software system must be able to generate a file called the “Accounting Records File” (Fichier des écritures comptables – FEC).
This file must be generated for each accounting period, and must contain a range of information clearly listed in Notice No. 24.
Finally, failure to comply with these rules would subject any company to the risk of the rejection of its accounting records by any third party, in particular the Directorate General of Taxes, in the case of a tax inspection.
These rules therefore have a significant impact on Moroccan companies, as they redefine accounting standards and require strict rules for the security of financial information.

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